Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Delphina Fay

A beautiful baby girl was born at 11:30pm last night. Her heart rate was dipping quite low during some of the pitocin induced contractions, so we elected to have a Cesarian rather than risk an emergency situation. She was 6lb. 13oz., with long stawberry blond hair and an adorable curiousity about the world. I held her for about an hour while Vinci was "coming to" and she didn't cry once. We brought her into our room for the night and I got to change my first two diapers and experience sleep sessions.

Vinci is feeling well, but is very tired. She was so strong and did a beautiful job laboring. Our doula, Leacey, helped out quite a bit, and I was greatful to have someone there that could actually help relieve some of Vinci's pain--unlike me.


Marissa & Toph said...

Congratulations Vinci & Daniel on sweet Delphina! The marathon is over and now come the sweet rewards...enjoy!

Amy said...

Congratulations Vinci and Daniel and welcome to the world baby Delphina Fay! Love Amy, Giancarlo and Lucille