Thursday, March 09, 2006

Delphina on the rise

Delphina has been showing signs of improvement the last two days, and it looks like she is getting better. We have no idea how much longer she will be hospitalized, though, and continue to call it home.

p.s. the comment moderation has been fixed and should now post.


Marissa & Toph said...

Yeah! I had no doubt that my niece is a little fighter (breathing sigh of relief). Now stop getting so cozy in that hospital:)

Katy & Brent said...

Sending lots of love to you, Vinci, and Delphina! Hope you can go home soon!

auntie fay & terry said...

Great news. We wait anxiously everyday for news, and this is so good to hear. Our thoughts are with the three of you constantly. We are so looking forward to meeting this beautiful little girl. Love to all. AuntieFay & Terry