Thursday, September 20, 2007

Meow bite

A couple of weeks ago we were at a friend's for an outdoor brunch. They live in co-owned apartment complex. A couple of doors down from theirs was one of those small, cat carriers, with a cat inside and the carrier door open. Pila would get very close, but was too afraid to touch the kitty. We told her to give the cat space because it may bite.

About a week ago, Pila had her first nightmare that woke her up. When we went in, she said, "meow bite". Now, when she's scared of something, she says, "meow bite". But she still loves her stuffed kitty that Dottie gave her.

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jillykay2 said...

Oh, sweet Delphina! Kitties don't usually bite, but they can! You are so precious! And if you have a cheez shop, I want to be your first customer!
Grandma Jilly